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Kwesé TV decoder with full satellite kit
Kwesé TV decoder
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Please note! On approval of your application you are required to purchase stock within 14 days, this will ensure you maintain your status as a Kwesé Dealer and remain able to service customers.

I warrant that all the information provided by me is true and correct. I hereby authorise Kwesé or any of its nominated agents or partners to use, store, disseminate and/or process the information contained herein to process my application for registration as a Kwesé reseller. In so doing, Kwesé, or any of its authorised agents or partners, may undertake any action that they deem reasonably necessary to validate any of the information provided by me. I acknowledge and agree further that, irrespective of the accuracy of the information I have provided, the determination and acceptance of my application to be registered as a Kwesé reseller shall be made by Kwesé in their sole discretion without the need to provide any reasons therefore.